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Introduction to “M/s Lord Gupteswar project Pvt. Ltd.”

Previously main promoter of this company was a partner in MS LG Construction. After withdrawals from the partnership, the promoter has formed a company in the name and styled of MS Lord Gupteswar Project Pvt. Ltd. Our previous experience is the last experience firm. M/S L.G. Construction is a specialist in earth & road works. The company was established by Mr. Shankar Lal Agarwal & Mr. Gupteswar Agarwal as a partnership firm in 2002. Within 12 years, L.G. Construction has carved for itself a pre-eminent position in construction industry in India registered as ‘Class-I’ civil contractor with the Government of Orissa. 

They have 2 directors of Lordgupteswar Project Pvt.Ltd.
Managing Director: Gupteswar Agrawal
Director: Monaj Kumar Agrawal

It has handled various Projects related to construction of roads, earth works & material supplier. Having established a reputation in the construction industry, L.G. Construction now plans to undertake works of bigger magnitude. The company has completed various projects in Central & State Govt. in Orissa (NALCO, N.H. Division, Rural & Works, UAIL Tikiri).


The company has completed various projects amongst them being construction of permanent service road, improvement of roads, National Highway. Details as

  • Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) Road work done in different division under (RD.Dept.),Orissa.
  • Earth work done from  Dam-1 to Dam-2(NALCO).
  • Improvement of Road  Vishakhpatnam to Jeypore (132-140Kms) under (R&B Division).
  • Bitumenous work under National Highway.
  • Widening existing intermediate lane to two lane with strengthening from 397 to 400Km of NH-43.
  • Widening  existing intermediate lane to two lane with strengthening from Km 390 to 393 Km NH-43.
  • Misc. road works in Damanjodi.(NALCO)
  • Black topping work from Sorispadar Junction to Laxmipur Junction.(UAIL)
  • Construction of Main road (Mainly bituminous part) inside the plant from main gate to power plant office and logistic road for Utkal Alumina International Limited.
  • Repair and maintainance of black topping surface, fixing of glowing studs