Our Company has executed several construction projects in a short span of 12 years.


The entire project management right from preparation of tender documents, submission of bids to completion of the contract was undertaken by M/S L.G. Construction in all the projects.


We have also executed the following projects:

1. Construction of Main road (Mainly bituminous part) inside the plant from main gate to power plant office and logistic road for Utkal Alumina International Limited. 14/14719/01/5996 46100388 Work in Progress
2. Repair and maintenance of black topping surface, fixing of glowing studs NALCO T&C/MINES/R-582/M-0647 19221031 Work in Progress
3. Recovery of pond ash from Ash pond and filling low lying area at Nalco, Damanjodi T&C/AR/03/R-1098 30862600 Work in Progress
4. Recovery of pond ash from ash pond and filling in low lying areas at NALCO,Damanjodi T&C/AR/03/R-1011 35018250 Work in Progress
5. Repair & Maintenance of black topping of roads of AL refinery  NALCO T&C/R-881/R-935 33559922 Work in Progress
6. Construction of one parallel road from Bhjaput bridge to Aurobinda School at NALCO,Damanjodi T&C/AR/03/C-487/W-685 23441565 Work Completed
7. Improvement of riding quality (IRQP) from KM 0/0 to 1/255 and km.5/255 to km.12/255 of NH 63(Erstwhile km 316/745 to 318/0 and 322/0 to 329/0 km of NH 43 34F2/13-14 42133446 Work Completed
8. Improvement of riding quality (IRQP) in km 33/055 to 40/055 of NH-63 under PBFF 29F2/2012-13 33935050 Work Completed
9. Construction of main road inside the plant (approx.4KM long) from main gate to Power plant office.(UAIL) 09/9471/02/365 68924206.00 Work Completed
10. Micrograding,Road Works & Misc.Civil works at Alumina Refinery,Damanjodi for Nalco’s Phase-II Expansion Project of (NALCO) 1201/T-135/09-10/SKG/29 42492325.00 Work Completed
11. Widening existing intermediate lane to two lane with strengthening from KM 397 to 400 Km of (NH-43). 221/F2/08-09 39657993.00 Work Completed
12. Widening existing intermediate lane to two lanes with strengthening from KM 390 to 393 Km of (NH-43). 220/F2/08-09 31818374.00 Work Completed
13. PR to Stretchs from KM 425 to 429 & 437 to 446 KM of (NH- 43) FOR THE YEAR 2009-2010. 58F2/09-10 14084222.00 Work Completed
14. PR to Stretchs from KM 363 to 367 & 401 to 402 & 403 TO 404 & 415 TO 417KM of (NH- 43) For the year  2009-2010. 60F2/09-10 9516316.00 Work Completed
15. Construction and Maintenance of Rural Roads under (PMGSY)-PackageNo-OR-19-77(B)/VII. 18/PMGSY/2008-09/E.E 42683719.00 Work Completed
16. Improvement to Road & C.D & Maintenance works under (PMGSY),PackageNo-OR-19ADB-39/III 07F2/ADB/2009-10/E.E 30685572.00 Work Completed
17. Construction and Maintenance of Rural Roads under (PMGSY),PackageNo-OR-19-ADB-08/II 301F2/2006-07/E.E 29614147.00 Work Completed
18. Improvement to Road & C.D & Maintenance works under (PMGSY),Package No-OR-19-58/VII O2F2/2008-09/E.E 29732264.00 Work Completed
19. Improvement of road CD works under PMGSY (OR-27-24) (R.W Division, Rayagada) 19. SBD/05-06 Rs.2,04,84,557.00 Work Completed
20. Improvement of road CD works under PMGSY (OR-27-30) (R.W Division, Rayagada) 179. SBD/05-06 Rs.1,93,07,745.00 Work Completed
21. Black topping work from Sorispadar Junction to Laxmipur Junction from Chainage 0.00 Km to 8.250 Km & Ch. 15.75 Km to 23.853 Km.(UAIL,TIKRI) 07/9025/01/017 Rs.18,171,870.00 Work Completed
22. Work order for provision of bituminous wearing coat cover over the decks of newly constructed High Level Bridge nos-1,2,4 & 5 near the Doraguda plant site and one number H.L Bridge at Sorispadar Laxmipur Road near Laxmipur and its other related works. 08/9281/01/046 1499760.00 Work Completed
23. Bituminous work for approach road of Bridge#4 & 5 for Utkal Alumina International Ltd doraguda,Dist-Rayagada(Orissa) 09/9608/01/377 853738.00 Work Completed
24. Construction of Black Topping work over newly constructed WBM road from Tikiri Police Station to Utkal Alumina Office. 07/9057/02/207 647737.50 Work Completed
25. Supply & delivery of Well Graded Crusher Broken Stone Aggregates & Coarse Sand for Nalco, Damanjodi Piling site, Damanjodi.Under (Bridge & Roof  Co.Ltd) B&R.0020/5859 (c ) Rs.4,01,83,716.00 Work Completed